Remarkable miraculous events have been unfolding in a True Life in God prayer group in Australia since 2001.

Of these events, Vassula said in May 2007:

"Christ is grieving more than ever because His Words are being trampled on and have fallen on deaf ears. Nobody listens to what Christ wants in our times, but constantly His noble Theme is attacked by His Own, calling it "Private Meditations." They are not doing God's Will and prohibit others to listen to what God's Will is in our times. In other words, they hold the Keys to the Kingdom of God and neither do they go in themselves nor do they allow others to go in. He has given exterior signs by appearing on me and that many people have witnessed; and now He is showing His Grief on a live person since people ignore His exterior signs.

Today it seems that it is very difficult for many to accept spiritual manifestations; even more, that Christ can be speaking to an individual. Their minds are focused on naturalism* and have lost the essence of God Himself, and all that is spiritual. Thus, everything that comes from God today is examined in a naturalistic manner, denying any supernatural power coming from God."

(* naturalism - a theory denying that an event or object has a supernatural significance; specifically: the doctrine that scientific laws are adequate to account for all phenomena)

Links to information and photographs of the events are copied below: