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Introduction to TLIG
(10 mins)
Interview in London
(41 mins)
Vassula's travels
(17 mins)

Vassula introduces TLIG
(40 mins)
Witness in London
(74 mins)
Interview in Manila
(46 mins)

Below are 4 powerful talks given by Vassula in the Holy Land Conference of 2000

Introductory talk
(10 mins)
Nobility of the Cross
(22 mins)
Gods by participation
(31 mins)
One in the Trinity
(28 mins)

DVDs of all these videos are available from HERE

(see also Vassula's video interview on the Notification, the Pope and the Church.)


The following links offer shorter video clips which will also be suitable for slower connections:

Vassula in Westminster, London, 2005 (clip 1) (50 seconds)

Vassula in Westminster, London, 2005 (clip 2) (45 seconds)

Vassula's first encounter with Holy Communion (2 mins 30 seconds)

Vassula speaks about the Father (2 mins 45 seconds)

Also, listen to audio clips of Vassula HERE

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